Department of Agricultural Statistics


Prof.(Dr.)  Rabindra Kumar Paikaray, HEAD(I/C) 
Phone:06742397818. Ext-147  
Mob: 9437301524

Address for Correspondence:
Department of Agricultural Statistics
College of Agriculture
Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
Bhubaneswar-751003, Odisha, India

Agricultural statistics was being taught under the course curriculum to the under-graduate and post-graduate students of different faculties of the university since the establishment of the College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar. The Department of Agricultural Statistics under this college was started in 1972 as a separate under-graduate department. Besides teaching statistics to the students of different faculties of OUAT, the department also provides statistical service in planning, designing and analysis of different research projects of the teachers, scientists and students of the university. It was upgraded to a Post-Graduate department in 1982 and since then offering the course leading to Master’s degree in Agricultural Statistics.

Achievements of the Department: 

Teaching : The department offers course programme under the semester system leading to M.Sc. in Agricultural Statistics with an intake capacity of 4 students. Under the semester system, the department offers 5 U.G. courses of 12 credit hours to the students of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Science and 12 major courses of 62 credit hours to the students of  M.Sc. in Agricultural Statistics.  . The department also offers 4 minor courses of 13 credit hours to P.G. & Ph.D. students of other disciplines of College of Agriculture, College of Agriculture Engineering & Technology, College of Veterinary Science & A.H. and College of Home Science. Under the traditional system the department offers teaching statistics at the +2 stage in the College of Basic Science and Humanities. The average work-load of the department per week in a semester is 50 hours. Forty students of M.Sc. (Agril. Statistics) have passed from this department and they have got employment in A.R.S., Banks, O.A.S., Director of Agriculture and Food Production of Odisha and in our University. The department has two computer labs to facilitate statistical analysis, word processing and internet use to the faculty and students of the College of Agriculture and for conducting practical classes.

The labs are well equipped with 35 computers. The department is offering two courses on computer : 

i) “ Introduction to Computer Application " of 4 credit hours at U.G. levels and 

ii) “ Data Analysis using Statistical Package & Statistical Computing " of 5 credit hours at P.G. level. 

The department shares the major responsibility of advising and guiding post-graduate students and research workers of various disciplines of the University regarding planning of experiments, analysis of research data and their interpretations.

Research: The main area of research of the department covers problems relating to sample survey, design of experiment, econometrics and agricultural statistics. The department executed two research projects viz. i) “Evaluation of the effectiveness of training and Visit system of the state department of agriculture in costal zone of Odisha” sponsored by IASRI (ICAR) during 1989-96. About 120 papers have been published by the faculty members individually and also jointly in various National (100) and International (20) journals. Forty theses of M.Sc.(Agricultural Statistics) have been produced by the students of this department. Four practical manuals viz. i) Statistical Methods, ii) Computer Application, iii) Computer Programming and iv) Design of Experiment have also been prepared for the use of students in their practical class.

Running Research & Projects: NAIP project on “Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS” funded by World Bank is operating in the University. Dr. A. K. Parida, Asso. Prof. of this department is the Nodal Officer who looks after installation of SAS Software to all teacher-scientists of the university along with strengthening statistical computing. Under this project about 100 computers have been installed with the software and also 100 teacher-scientists have been trained.

Staff of Department

Sl. No Name of the Post Post sanctioned Position held
A) Faculty Members *
1 Professor


2 Associate Professor(CAS)


3 Assistant Professor



B) Supporting Staff
1 Statistical Assistant



2 Computor



3 Jr.Asst.



4 Laboratory Attendant



5 Peon




Incumbency Chart of Heads of the Department

Name Photo From To
Prof.(Dr.) Suprasana Mohanty 31.01.1973 22.07.1994
Dr. Lalit Kumar Pati 22.07.1994 27.03.1998
Sri Mukul Kumar Bala 28.03.1998 31.08.2001
Mrs. Kuntala Mohanty 01.09.2001 31.03.2006
Prof.(Dr.) Manmohan Dalabehera 01.04.2006  31.12.2012
Prof.(Dr.) Amulya Kumar Parida 01.01.2013 31.07.2017
Prof.(Dr.) Rabindra Kumar Paikaray 01.08.2017 Continuing

Infrastructure Facility

Head Room =1
Teachers Room =4
Office Room =1
Class Room =3
Laboratory =2
Office store =1

Courses Offered

Sl. No

Course level

Name of the College


No. of Courses Offered



Agriculture B.Sc. (Ag)


Forestry B. Sc (forestry)


Home Science B. Sc (Home Science)




Agriculture M. Sc (Agril.Stat.)

M.Sc.(Ag.) of other Departments
Core - (22)
Compulsory Supporting - (5)
Minor- (9)
Supporting Optional - (5)
Seminar – (1)
Research – (20)
Minor – (9)
NB.: Parentheses are Credit Hours
Agricultural Engineering M.Tech.(Ag.Engg.) Minor – (3)
Home Science M.Sc.(Home Science) Minor – (3)
Veterinary Science & AH M.V.(Sc.) Minor – (3)

Under Graduate Course Programme

Semester Course No Course Title Credit Hours
I AS-111 Statistics 1+1
FBS-21 Elementary Statistics 2+1
II AS-122 Introduction to Computer Application 1+1
FBS-223 Computer Application 1+1
STAT-121(H) Elementary Statistics 2+1

Post Graduate Course Programme: M.Sc.(Ag.Statistics)

Semester Course No Course Title Credit Hours
I STAT – 501 Probability Theory 2+0
STAT – 502 Statistical Methods 2 + 1
STAT – 503 Design of Experiment 2 + 1
STAT – 504 Mathematical Methods – I 3 + 0
STAT – 505 Mathematical Methods – II 2 + 0
PGS – 501 Library & Information Services 0 + 1
PGS – 502 Technical writing & Communication skills 0 + 1
II STAT – 506 Statistical Inference 2 + 1
STAT – 507 Sampling Techniques 2 + 1
STAT – 508 Statistical Genetics 2 + 1
STAT – 509 Statistical Methods for Applied Science 3 + 1
STAT – 510 Experimental Designs 2 + 1
PGS – 503 Intellectual Property and its Management in Agril. 1 + 0
PGS – 504 Basic concepts in Laboratory Techniques 0 + 1
AS – 501 (Engg.) Statistical Methods 3 + 0
III STAT – 511 Multivariate Analysis 2 + 1
STAT – 512 Applied Regression Analysis 2 + 1
STAT – 513 Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages 2 + 1
STAT – 514 Statistical Computing 1 + 1 
PGS – 505 Agril. Research, Research Ethics & Rural Development 1 + 0
PGS – 506 Disaster Management 1 + 0
STAT – 599 Masters Research 0 + 8
IV STAT – 591 Masters Seminar 1 + 0
STAT – 599 Masters Research 0 + 12

Strength of Students in PG during 2014-15

Masters Programme



M.Sc.(Ag.Stat.) 1st Year (Gen=2, SC=1,ST=1, ICAR=1, Outside State=1) = 6


M.Sc.(Ag.Stat.) 2nd Year (Gen=2, SC=1,ST=1, ICAR=1, Outside State=1) = 6


Number of pass out students in PG:

M.Sc 1983 1984 1985 1987 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 2000 Total
03 01 01 01 04 01 01 05 01 01 04 23
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2014 2015
02 03 03 01 02 02 01 03 03 01 04 25
G.T 48             

Publication of Practical manuals

  1. UG Practical Manual on Statistics
  2. PG Computer Practical Manual on Statistical Data Analysis in Agriculture
  3. Practical Manual on Design of Experiment
  4. Statistical Table
  5. UG Practical manual on Statistics
  6. UG Practical Manual on Computer Application
  7. PG Practical Manual on Strengthening Statistical Computing by using SAS

List of M.Sc. in Agricultural Statistics theses:

Sl.No. Name of the Student

Adm. No.

Name of Advisor Thesis Topic Year of Passing
1 Ashok Mishra 101AS/81 Dr. L. K. Pati Statistical Evaluation of Pulses & Oilseed Production in Orissa 1983-84
2 Amulya Kumar Parida 102AS/81 Dr. L.K. Pati Estimation of yield gap of major Field Crops in the Extension Block Programme Area of OUAT 1983-84
3 Mirtoday Das 103AS/81 Dr. S. Mohanty Comparison of Various Ratio Estimators in Estimating Population parameters 1983-84
4 Pradipta Kumar Jethi 121AS/82 Dr. S. Mohanty A Time Series Analysis of Production & Price of Groundnut in Some Selected Districts of Orissa 1983-84
5 Banamali Sahoo 121AS/83 Dr. L.K. Pati Estimation of dressed weight of black Bengal Goats from different Body measurements 1984-85
6 Radhapyari Devisinam 135AS/85 Dr. L.K. Pati Statistical Evaluation of Rice Production in Orissa 1986-87
7 Narayan Nandi 132AS/88 Dr. L.K. Pati Statistical Evaluation of Fiber Production in Orissa 1989-90
8 Pradeep Kumar Nanda 133AS/88 Dr. S. Mohanty Analysis of Rice Production in Orissa 1989-90
9 Aruna Kumar Panigrahi 134AS/88 Dr. M.K. Bala A Study of Trend in Production & Prices of Groundnut in some selected districts of Orissa 1989-90
10 Susanta Kumar Dash 135AS/88 Dr. L.K. Pati A Study of Regional distribution and Trends in area ,production & yield of Sugarcane in Orissa 1989-90
11 Ranjit Kumar Dash 106AS/89 Dr. S. Mohanty Growth & Production of Jute in Orissa 1990-91
12 Ashok Kumar Samal 139AS/90 Dr. S. Mohanty Growth and instability of Ratio in Orissa 1991-92
13 Subrat Kumar Rath 181AS/91 Dr. L.K. Pati Sample Survey for Study of Ends trials transfer of new Agriculture Technology under field condition in selected districts of Orissa 1992-93
14 Sunil Kumar Senapati 188AS/91 Dr. S. Mohanty An Empirical study of some estimators using Auxiliary Variable 1992-93
15 Sasanka Sekhar Sahu 193AS/91 Dr. L.K. Pati Comparison of Performance of T 7V system for transfer of Technologies between coastal & drought prone inland districts 1992-93
16 Prakash Chandra Behera 194AS/91 Dr. M.K. Bala A Sample survey to estimate the cost of production of egg and broiler meat in Khurda districts of Orissa 1992-93
17 Soumendra Mohanty 196AS/91 Dr. S. Mohanty To develop methodology to estimate the adopting of modern technology in Agriculture in some selected districts of Orissa 1992-93
18 Birendra Kumar Parhi 187AS/92 Dr. L.K. Pati Acreage Allocation of Groundnut by the Frames to its price change & Price of fertilizer 1993-94
19 Dileep Kumar Panda 181AS/93 Dr. L.K. Pati Growth of sugarcane production in Baramba-Narasinghpur and constraints in production 1994-95
20 S.K. Sing 181AS/94 Dr. M.K. Bala Not appeared Viva-Voce and Incomplete 1996-97
21 Sujay Sarkar 151AS/98 Mrs. K. Mohanty A Study of changes in Cropping pattern of Orissa over year 2099-00
22 Abhiram Dash 152AS/98 Dr. M.K. Bala Analytical study of Rice Production in Orissa over last two decades 2099-00
23 Kirti Chandra Behera 153AS/98 Dr. Suruchi Jena A study of impact of modern Technology Groundnut Production of Orissa 2099-00
24 Sunita Mishra 154AS/98 Dr. M. Dalabehera Probability Analysis of Rainfall of Bhubaneswar 2099-00
25 Inturi Adilaxmi 121AS/99 Dr. A.K. Parida Dynamic modeling an same sugar production factors of Orissa 2000-01
26 Ashutosh Pal 123AS/99 Dr. M. Dalabehera An Analysis of Growth and instability of Potato Production in Orissa 2000-01
27 Biswa Ranjan Mishra 202AS/00 Mrs. K. Mohanty Statistical Evaluation of Pulses Production in Orissa 2001-02
28 Suryamani Sahoo 203AS/00 Dr. M. Dalabehera A study on rainfall at Koraput district using Probability approach 2001-02
29 Priyabrata Panda 204AS/00 Dr. Suruchi Jena A Time Series Analysis of Groundnut production in Orissa Regression Technique Approach 2001-02
30 Durga Prasad Behera 202AS/01 Dr. M. Dalabehera An analysis of Growth and instability of Groundnut Production in Orissa 2002-03
31 Susanta Kumar Tripathy 203AS/01 Dr. Suruchi Jena Statistical Analysis of Residuals with time series data 2002-03
32 Nihar Ranjan Mohapatra 204AS/01 Dr. A.K. Parida Modeling Non-Stationary time Series on Some Sugar Production factors of Orissa 2002-03
33 Bittu Mishra 171AS/02 Dr. A.K. Parida Forecasting Area ,Production and Productivity of Rice in Orissa 2003-04
34 Neelamadhab Sahoo 192AS/03 Dr. M. Dalabehera Probability of Analysis Rainfall at Bhawanipatana of Kalahandi district 2004-05
35 Debaranjan Pujahari 193AS/03 Dr. Suruchi Jena Modeling & Forecasting on Production & Price of Orissa 2004-05
36 Manas Ranjan Das 182AS/05 Dr. M. Dalabehera Rainfall Analysis for Crop Planning in Jagatsinghpur Region 2006-07
37 Sujit Kumar Behera 184AS/05 Dr. A.K. Parida Statistical Evaluation of Time Series Function on Rice of Orissa 2006-07
38 Hemanta Kumar Sahu 181AS/07 Dr. A.K. Parida Forecasting of Rice Area, Production, Productivity in coastal districts of Orissa 2008-09
39 Rajashree Acharya 182AS/09 Dr. M. Dalabehera Rainfall Characteristic Analysis & Crop Planning for Bhubaneswar Region of Orissa 2010-11
40 Sanjaya Kumar Lenka 183AS/09 Dr. A.K. Parida Forecasting on Area ,Production & Productivity of major Pulses of Orissa 2010-11
41 Navesh Kumar Pattanayak 184AS/09 Dr. A.K. Parida Forecasting of Rice ,Production & Productivity in West Central Table land Zones of Orissa 2010-11
42 Hrudananda Pradhan 02AS/10 Dr. A.K. Parida Forecasting on Area Production and productivity of major vegetables of Odisha 2012-13
43 Prasanta Kumar Dash 03AS/11 Dr. P.N. Pradhan A statistical evaluation on development of socio economic front in Odisha 2012-13
44 Mihir Ranjan Sagar 04AS/11 Dr. A.K. Parida Statistical Imact assement on cotton Cultivation in Baragarh District of Odisha 2012-13
45 Satish Patel 03AS/12 Dr. A.K. Parida Impact of Watershed Development Programme on Agricultural Upliftment of Tribals-A Statistical Study 2013-14
46  Debasmita Subhadarshini Mishra  02AS/11  Dr. A.K. Parida Assessing climate risk and climate change using rainfall data for crop planning in Odisha   2014-15
47  Balaram Mallick   01AS/13  Dr. A.K. Parida Statistical impact analysis of KVK on vegetable cultivation in Jajpur district of Odisha  2014-15
48 Snigdha Rani Sahoo   02AS/13  Dr. A.K. Parida Statistical time series analysis of food grain production of Odisha 2014-15
49  Debasis Pati   05AS/13  Dr. A.K. Parida Statistical study for projection of population and meat production in native tract of Kendrapada sheep