Department of Agricultural Economics

Faculty : 

Dr. Raj Kishore Mishra : Professor & Head

Dr. Sarba Narayan Mishra : Professor

Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra : Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Khitish Kumar Sarangi : Asst. Prof.      

Achievement of the Department: 

This Department is offering the courses like: 

  • Farm Management
  • Production Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Natural resource Management
  • Environmental Economics
  • Forestry Economics
  • Agricultural Business Management
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agricultural Finance and Price analysis etc. 
at UG and  PG level of College of Agriculture, College of Forestry, College of Home Science and College of Agricultural Engineering  and Technology.
  • This Department has produced about 264 PG and 11 Ph.D. students so far. 
  • The ICAR research projects, NATP, NAIP, Research project have been taken by the department.
  • This Department have got linkage in various Government  programmes such as price fixations committee, marketing federation, NABARD, for various issues and discussions. 

Special contribution: 

Guided 02 Ph.D. students, 09 PG students, Published 25 Research papers in National and International Journals. 

Published two books:
                    1. Banking Sector Reforms and Agril Finance
                    2. Livestock Crop Production systems and Livelihood Development.

Running Research and Projects:

Completed Livestock Crop Production systems analysis for Sustainable Production.