Department of Vegetable Science

Faculty :

Dr. Arun Kumar Das : Prof. & Head
Dr. Chintamani Panda : Assoc. Professor
Dr. Gouri Shankar Sahoo : Assoc. Professor
Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy : Assoc. Professor(AICRP on Cashew)

Achievement of the department : Department of Vegetable was started 29th October 2009 with in take capacity of 5 students P.G and 2 students in Ph.D. At present 5 students in Post Graduate (4 in 5th year 1 in 6th year) and two students in Ph.D. are continuing.

Running Research and Project :

Currently student Research both at PG and Ph.D. level are continuing. In addition to this, department is providing technical guidance to AICRP on Vegetable Crops, OUAT, Bhubaneswar.