Department of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry


  • Dr. S. K. Patanayak : Professor and Head
  • Dr. Asis Kumar Das : Professor, IFFCO Chair
  • Dr. Gour Hari Santra : Professor
  • Dr. K. K. Rout : Professor
  • Dr. R.K. Patra : Professor
  • Dr. Mitali Mandal : Assitant Professor
  • Dr. Antaryami Mishra : Associate Professor and OIC, AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response
  • Dr. K.N. Mishra : Associate Professor/Scientist in AICRP on IFS
  • Dr. R. K.Nayak : Associate Professor
  • Mr. B.B. Behera : Asst. Professor
  • Mr. C.R. Sadangi : Assistant Professor
  • Dr. S. K. Nanda : Senior Scientist (Soil Science), RRTTS, Bhubaneswar
  • Mrs. B. Jena : Asst. Professor (Jr. Scientist, AICRP on Micronutrients)
  • Mr. Raghab Nayak : Asst. Professor (Jr. Scientist, AICRP on PHT)
Background History of the Department:

The Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry came into existence in 1954 right from the year of establishment of College of Agriculture with the objective of teaching in the undergraduate level. Subsequently master’s and Ph.D. courses were introduced in 1964 with the prime objective of doing research in the field of soil science and agril. chemistry.

Teachers and scientists of the Department are also involved in popularization of the technologies through trainings, demonstration and field trials conducted in different parts of Odisha.

Activities of the Department:

As per the mandate of the University ,the Department is involved in all the three activities of teaching, research and extension.


The department presently offers 38 credit hours of courses at Under-graduate level, 74 credit hours at Post-graduate level including 20 credit hours of research and 74credit hours at Ph.D level along with 25 credit hours of research. So far this department has produced 254 post-graduates and 21 Ph.Ds. who have joined in different organizations and got recognitions.


During past 5 decades the scientists of this Department have done commendable work on the Soils of State and developed many soil and region specific technologies for managing them viz; characterization and classification of soils of Odisha, land use, identification of soil constraints, evaluation of soil fertility status ,identification of soil physical constraints and its management, impact of long term manuring and fertilization on soil properties and crop productivity, fertilizer use efficiency, digitized soil fertility maps for major & Micronutrients , integrated nutrient management, management of problem soils and residual effects of agrochemicals on the soil and crop produce etc. Scientists of the Department are involved in doing research either directly through various research projects or by research works undertaken by students under P.G. and Ph. D. course programmes.

Projects presently in operation in the Department:
Sl No. Project Name Funding Agency Year of Start
1 AICRP on Long Term Fertiliser Experiments ICAR, New Delhi 1972
2 AICRP on Micro &Secondary and Pollutant Elements in Soil and Plant ICAR, New Delhi 1995
3 AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response ICAR, New Delhi 1996
4 All India Net Work Project on Bio Diversity and Bio Fertilisers ICAR, New Delhi 1995
5 Preparation of GIS and GPS based Soil Fertility Maps for Selected Districts of the Country ICAR, New Delhi 2010
6 Direct Use of Low Grade Rock Phosphate as a source of P in acid soils of Odisha FCI Aravali Gpysum & Mineral India Ltd. 2013
7 Fly Ash in Agriculture and Forestry DST, Govt. of India 2013
8 Preparation of Digitized map Molybdenum in soils of Odisha DAFP, Odisha 2013
9 Use of LD slag as an acid soil ameliorant in acid soil SAIL, RSP, Rourkela 2014
10 Monitoring and Evaluation of Different Growth Parameters of Rice Grown in and around HINDALCO area of Hirakud HINDALCO,Hirakud, Sambalpur 2014

Projects executed in the department in past and their activities:

Sl. No. Name of the project/ Scheme Funded by and year of start Activities
1 AICRP on Pesticide Residues ICAR, 1984 Collection of soil, plant and food samples for assessing pesticide residues in consumable produces
2 AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response Correlation ICAR, 1996 Establishing fertilizer recommendation on the basis of soil test and crop response
3 AICRP on Soil Physical Constraints and their Amelioration for Sustainable Crop Production ICAR,1996 Identification of soil physical constraints and suggesting tillage measures for improvement
4 Net work on Utilization of Indigenous Phosphate Rock Modified by Partial Acidulation and Other amendments ICAR,1998(Adhoc) Development of Technologies for use of indigenous phosphate rocks
5 Front line demonstration on Micronutrients ICAR,1999(Adhoc) Demonstration on use of micronutrient fertilizers for alleviating the deficiency
6 Network Project on Soil Characterization and Resource Management in Acid Region Soils of Orissa for increasing productivity ICAR,2000 (Adhoc) Acid soils of the state were characterized and trials were conducted for for higher crop production by soil management
7 Integrated plant nutrient Management Strategies on different moisture Regimes(NATP/RRPS-11) NATP,2000(Adhoc) On-farm trials for transfer of INM technology to farmers
8 Assessment and improvement of Soil Quality and Resilience for Rain fed Production System(NATP/RRPS-20) NATP,2000(Adhoc) Field trials and Lab analysis to find out soil quality index for a particular soil
9 Soil Tillage Requirement under Rain fed Rice Production System NATP,2000(Adhoc) Different tillage implements and methods were evaluated in rainfed rice
10 Land use Planning for Management of Agricultural Resources for coastal Agroecosystem(NATP/Clup) NATP,2001(Adhoc) Developed perspective land use planning for the soils of coastal agro eco-region
11 On farm Trial on Efficient Use of Fertiliser Phosphorous in Indian agriculture IMPHOS,2001 (Adhoc) Field trials with different P sources conducted to evaluate their relative efficiency
12 Balanced Fertilisation for Hybrid Rice Production in Orissa PPIC &IP, 2001 (Adhoc) Field Trial to decide optimum dose of fertilisers
13 Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation F.A.I.,2000(Adhoc) Use of sulphur in increasing crop productivity in S deficient areas
14 Effect of Phospho Gypsum on Crop Productivity and Environ mental Quality Paradeep Phosphates Limited Conduct of Field trial in different crops to evaluate Phospho Gypsum as a source of S
15 Evaluation of NFCL supplied Customised Fertiliser Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. Conduct Field Trials to test the Efficiency of Customised Fertilisewr Granules in Rice.
16 Niche Area of Excellence on Management of Acid Soils for Sustainable Crop Production ICAR, New Delhi,2005 Characterization and management of acid soil for higher and sustainable crop production
17 Evaluation of Efficiency of Patent Kali-PMS Fertiliser for Potash,Magnesium and Sulphur Nutrition and yield of different crops in India ICAR ,2010 Efficiency of Patent Kali-PMS Fertiliserfor Nutrition and yield of different crops in Odisha
18 Optimising Crop Production through judicious Use of Potassium International Potash Institute,2008 To increase the crop Yield through optimum use of potassium
19 Studies on Long Term Effect of Fly Ash On crop yield and Soil Quality State Pollution Control Board, Bhubaneswar,2008 To Study the Long Term Effect of Fly Ash on crop yield and Soil Quality
20 Mechanism of Zinc Enrichment in Rice Grown in Iron Toxic Soil International Zinc Association, PRII To enhance the Zinc nutrition in Rice Grain to mitigate zinc
21 Integrated Nutrient Management IFFCO 2010

Major Research Achievements and Technology Generated:

  • Soil Fertility maps available for all primary nutrients, sulphur, and micro nutrients
  • Micronutrient deficient areas have been delineated
  • Development of analytical models for predicting the transport and leaching loss of fertilizer in soil
  • Development of analytical models for predicting the transport and leaching loss of partially soluble agrochemicals in soil
  • Development of analytical models for predicting the transfer of heat in soil
  • Twice puddling by zigzag puddler increases the lowland rice productivity by 20-30%.
  • More than 70% soils of Orissa are acidic.. Around 25% of these soils are strongly acidic.
  • Direct use of indigenous rock phosphates to a crop as a source of Phosphorous in highly acidic soils with pH 5.0 or less.
  • Application of rock phosphate to the green manure crop rather than its direct application to rice for increasing the effectiveness of P
  • Evaluating the efficiencies of locally available acid soil ameliorants like PMS, LD slag ,phosphogypsum, pressmud ,stromatolyte and shell.
  • Partial acidulation of rock phosphates by10% for strongly acid soils and 50% for moderately acid soils and their application to minimize P fixation and increase efficiency
  • Placement of Paper Mill Sludge mixed with FYM below the seeds @ 0.1LR to Cereal crops and 0.2LR to pulse/oilseed crops for getting good yields
  • Formulation of Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate and its efficient use in acid soils
  • Application of 80 – 120 kg K2O/ ha reduces Iron toxicity in acid soils
  • Application of paper mill sludge @ 0.5LR reduces Iron toxicity in lowland acid soils
  • Rice Varieties such as Kalinga III, Annada, Birupa, Bhoi, Swarna Mahalaxmi, T-1242, Panidhan and Mahanadi identified as tolerant to Fe – toxicity in acid soils
  • Application of 150% of recommended dose of K in intensively rice cropped acid soils to reduce K depletion
  • Application of S @20-40kg ha-1 along with lime @0.2LR to groundnut and maize in S deficient acid soils
  • Application of 30kg S ha-1 either through gypsum or phospho-gypsum to groundnut, mustard, sunflower and rice crops grown in S deficient soil
  • Application of boron (B) @1-2kg/ha to vegetables, oilseeds and pulses in B deficient coarse textured acid upland soil
  • Application of Zn SO4 @ 25kg/ha to rice-rice cropping system in Zn deficient alfisol
  • Seed treatment with Molybdenum(Mo) @ 10 g sodium molybdate & Cobalt(Co) 1 g cobaltous chloride per 25kg seed enhances the biological N2 fixation by 25% in acid soilsMycorrhizal inoculation @ 67.5kg/ha along with phosphate rocks significantly increases the grain yield of pigeon pea in acid soil
  • Pre-Incubation of Bio-inoculants with FYM in 1 : 25 ratio for 1 week and its application to crops significantly increases the yield.
  • Suitable mono and intercropping systems identified for rainfed acidic upland soils based on water balance concept.
  • Fertiliser prescription equations based on Targeted yield concept for rice, groundnut and vegetable crops have been developed.
  • Quantitative assessment of soil quality for rice pulse cropping system
  • Patent kali @100 kg/ha gave better response to Sunflower whereas Potato-Sesame and G.Nut responded to higher dose of Patentkali @ 150 kg/ha
  • Application of boron (B) @1kg/ha to all crops of Rice – Rice cropping system showed highest yield response of rice in B deficient coarse textured soil
  • Application of zinc(Zn) @ 5kg/ha and boron (B) @1kg/ha alongwith N @ 40 kg/ha to Rice enhanced the NUE of 44.85in Alfisols

Extension Activities:

Significant research findings of the department in the field of soil fertility management, nitrogen management in rice, efficient use of phosphate carriers in acidic soils, fertilizer schedules for yield targets, amelioration of acid soils by using lime sludge etc. are being popularized through field demonstration and farmer’s field trials under the direct supervision of the scientists of the department. Other activities of the department are:

1. Imparting training to Govt. Agriculture extension personnel and farmers on

a) Soil testing and soil health care

 b) Fertilizer management for different crops and cropping system

c) Integrated nutrient management (INM) for sustainable agriculture

d) Use of secondary and micronutrient in agriculture for higher crop production

e) Use of agricultural chemicals & safety measures there of.

f) Decontamination of pesticide residues in crop produce.

 g) Management of acid soils through paper mill sludge as liming material

 h) Use of fly ash for soil management

i) Use of LD slag for soil management

2. Publication of articles on soil testing, fertilizer management for various crops, acid soil management , biofertiliser use and vermin composting etc.

 3. Transfer of technology through media: News paper, Radio, Television

4. On farm demonstration of different technologies in various locations of Odisha

Published Books and Research Papers:

The teachers and scientists of the department have published more than 500 research papers in the various journals of National and International reputation. Besides that they have published the following books.

I. Efficient Use of Fertilisers in Orissa Soils

II. Phosphatic Fertilisers

 III. Macro and Micro Nutrient Status of the Soils of Orissa

IV. Odisara Mrutika O Phasalare Sarara Sadupajoga

 V. Odisara Mrutika O Ehara Subinijoga

VI. Nutrient Management in Soils of Orissa

VII. Thirteen Years of Cropping with Ferilisation and Manuring: Effect on Soil Quality, Crop Production and Sustainability
VIII. Boosting Green gram Production in Acid Red and Lateritic Soil

IX. Laboratory Manuals for different courses offered in various semesters have been published by the Teachers/scientists of the Department.

X. Bulletins:

a. Managemnt of acid soils for sustainable crop production

b. Technology for enhancing productivity in acid soils of Orissa

 c. Thirteen years of cropping with fertilization and manuring

d. Adhika amal pain Jibanu sara

e. Liming boosts crop yield in acid soils

f. Bio fertilizer

g. Scenario of micro and secondary nutrient deficiency in soils of Orissa and amelioration practices for increasing crop production and ensuring food security

 h. Long range effect of chemical fertilizers and organic manures on soil properties and crop productivity.

i. Maintenance of soil quality for sustainable crop production inacid soils.

j. Judicious use of potassium for optimum crop production in acid soil

 K. Adhika amala pain boron sarara Abasyakata, Oriya extension bulletin

Other activities:

This department also receives soil, plant, water, fertilizer, biofertiliser and soil amendment materials from various organizations and farmers for analysis of nutrient elements and toxic substances and submits the reports in proper format.

Faculty Members of the Department:

1. Present Faculty with Specialisation:

Sl. No. Name of the Scientist/Teacher Designation Field of Specialization
1 Dr. A.K. Pal Professor & Head Soil Fertility
2 Dr. S.K.Patanayak Professor Soil Fertility
3 Dr. G.H. Santra Professor Soil Fertility
4 Dr. K.K.Rout Professor Soil Fertility
5 Dr. S. Mohanty Professor Soil Microbiology
6 Dr. R.K.Patra Professor Soil Microbiology
7 Dr. A.K.Dash Professor( IFFCO ) Soil Physics
8 Dr. B.B.Dash Professor Soil Fertility
9 Mr. S. K.Nanda Associate Professor Soil Fertility
10 Dr. K.C. Pradhan Associate Professor Soil Fertility
11 Dr. P.K. Das Associate Professor Soil Chemistry
12 Dr. A. Mishra Associate Professor Soil Survey
13 Dr. K.N. Mishra Associate Professor Soil Survey
14 Dr. R.K.Nayak Associate Professor Soil survey
15 Dr (Mrs) M Mandal Assistant Professor Soil Fertility
16 Sri. B.B. Behera Assistant Professor Soil physics
17 Ms. B. Jena Assistant Professor Soil Fertility
18 Mr. C.R. Sarangi Assistant Professor Soil physics
19 Sri S Soren Assistant Professor Soil Fertility
20 Sri M M Behera Assistant Professor Soil Fertility
21 SriRaghabnanda Nayak Assistant Professor Soil Fertility

2. Retired Teachers/ Scientists of the Department:

Sl. No. Name of the Scientist/Teacher Field of Specialisation Important Positions held in OUAT
1 Dr. M.C. Pattanaik Soil Fertility Asst Professor and Head
2 Dr.N. Panda Soil Fertility Ex-Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur , Dean CA,, Dean of Research,OUAT
3 Dr. C.P. .Misra Soil Physics Dean of Research
4 Dr. P.C. Ghosh Soil Fertility Professor and Head
5 Dr. G.N. Mitra Biochemistry Dean, C.A
6 Dr. S.S.K. Nanada Soil Survey Dean, C.A
7 Dr. B. Behera Soil Microbiology Professor
8 Dr. N. Acharyya Soil physics Professor and Head
9 Dr. M.Panda Soil Fertility Professor
10 Dr. D. Sahu Agricultural Chemicals Dean of Research
11 Dr. D. Sahoo Soil Fertility Professor
12 Dr. S.K. Sahu Soil Fertility Professor and Head
13 Dr. U.K.Misra Soil Fertility Dean of Research
14 Dr. S.N. Mishra Biochemistry Professor
15 Dr. U.C. Panigrahi Soil Microbiology Professor
16 Dr. R. Jee Soil Fertility Associate Professor
17 Dr. Md. Taha Soil Physics Professor
18 Dr. N. Swain Soil Fertility Associate Professor
19 Dr. B.K.Pani Soil Microbiology Professor
20 Mr. B. Jena Soil Chemistry Assistant Professor
21 Dr. H.K.Senapati Soil Fertility Dean , PG cum DRI
22 Dr. M.R. Patnaik Agriculture chemicals Professor
23 Dr. B.K.Mishra Soil Physics Professor & Head
24 Dr. D.Jena Soil Physics Professor & Head
25 Dr. S. Nayak Soil Chemistry Assoc. Professor

List of M.Sc (Ag) Theses :

Sl.No Name of the Student Thesis title Advisor


1 Narayan Jena Retention and release of phosphorus in red and laterite soil of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
2 Hemant Kumar Kar Studies on the nitrogen fixing capacity of Orissa soils. Dr. B. Behera
3 Shaik khalilullah Efficient utilization of different forms of nitrogenous fertilizers. Dr. C.P. Mishra
4 Sachidananda Mohapatra Effect of variation in storage temperature and humidity conditions on nitrogen fraction of pulses. Dr. R. N. Pattanaik
5 Ganesh Nayak Study of morphology and pedogenesis of some laterite soils of Orissa. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
6 Maker Panda Calibration of soil tests for nitrogen Dr. P.C. Ghosh
7 Dwijabar Sahoo Evaluation of phosphate carriers in red and Lateritic soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
8 Dibakar Sahu Studies on saline soils of Orissa Dr. P.C. Ghosh
9 Brajamohan Samantaray Some important factors affecting potassium availability in Orissa soils. Sri K.C.Bisoyi
10 Maimuddin Ahammed Studies on manganese status of some Orissa soils. Sri S.N. Pattanayak


11 Rudranarayan Mishra Studies on utilization of some indigenous basic slag’s as soil amendment and phosphate carriers for acid soils. Dr. P.C. Ghosh
12 Jagadish Chandra Das Evaluation of lime sludge from paper mills as an amendment for acid laterite soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
13 Gagan ChandraChatterjee Comparison of foliar spray application with soil application of urea on sugarcane. Dr. S.N. Pattnaik
14 Subodha Kumar Sahu Studies on Rhozibium inoculation to some legumes. Dr. B. Behera
15 Gandharab Charan Sahoo Physico-chemical studies in characterization of clays of some Orissa soils. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
16 E. Chandrasekhar Patra Studies on soil nitrogen availability and fertilizer efficiency. Dr. C.P. Mishra
17 Gokula Chandra Panigrahi Comparison of some soil test methods for potassium on red and laterite soils of Orissa. Sri K.C. Bisoyi
18 Ramakanta Nayak Comparison of some soil test methods for phosphorus on red and laterite soils of Orissa. Dr. P.C. Ghosh
19 Bichitrananda Nanda Effect of boron, molybdenum, sulphur and spartin on the yield and quality of groundnut. Dr. R. N. Pattnaik
20 Umakanta Mishra Evaluation of partially acidulated rock phosphate in acid laterite soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda


21 Prafulla Kumar Das Efficient use of nitrogen carriers preliminary trials with urea from and 2 choloro-6 (Trichloromethyl) pyricline( N-serve). Dr. P.C.Mishra
22 Priyanath Mohapatra Studies of morphology and genesis of some black soils of Orissa Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
23 Debraj Panda Evaluation of raw and partially acidulated rock phosphates in laterite rice soil. Dr. N. Panda
24 Rabindra Kumar Nair Correlation of soil tests for phosphorus with crop response. Dr. N. Panda
25 Kamal Lochan Pujari Study on the availability of some trace elements (Fe, Mn & Zn) in acid soils treated with basic slag. Dr. R. N. Pattnaik
26 Babaji Charan Swain Electrochemical properties & inorganic phosphorus transformation of submerged laterite rice soil. Dr. N. Panda
27 Surendra Sasmal Studies on the copper zinc & molybdenum status of Orissa soils Dr. B. Behera
28 Yield response of rice to some micronutrient carriers. Dr. N. Panda


29 Chintapatla Uma Malleswara Rao Inorganic phosphate transformation in submerged lateritic soil. Dr. N. Panda
30 Babaji Charan Bhol Evaluation of partially acidulated rock phosphate for rice. Dr. N. Panda
31 Saasiranjan Mohanty Soil test crop response correlation studies for potassium. Sri K.C. Bisoyi
32 Surath Chandra Mangaraj Nitrogen availability in soils of Orissa (calibration of soil tests). Dr. C.P. Mishra


33 Satyanarayan Mishra Utilization of rock phosphates in acid soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
34 Yudhistir Nayak Mechanism of nitrogen response in the high yielding varieties of rice. I studies on the pattern of nitrogen uptake and distribution in various plants. Dr. G. N. Mitra


35 Manchambhotla Subbarao Availability of zinc in red & lateritic soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
36 Haris Chandra Routray Availability of zinc in red & lateritic soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
37 Bijayananda Mishra Mechanism of nitrogen response in the high yielding varieties of rice. II. Effect of nitrogen manuring on carbohydrate content of various plant parts. Dr. G. N. Mitra
38 Ajaya Kumar Behera Soil test crop response correlation studies for phosphorus. Dr. N. Panda
39 Bhaskar Das Nutritive values of some rice varieties grown in Orissa. Dr. G. N. Mitra


40 Benudhar Swain Inorganic phosphorus transformation in lateritic rice soil. Dr. N. Panda
41 Tihan Sankhali Mohapatra Availability of zinc in alluvial and lateritic soils of Orissa for rice. Dr. N. Panda
42 Ambati Suryanarayan Effect of nitrogen manuring and different methods of processing on the protein content and protein quality of some rice varieties. Dr. G. N. Mitra


43 Baishnab Charan Rout Availability of water and citrate soluble forms of phosphorus from fertilizers in acid lateritic soils. Dr. N. Panda
44 Nanda Kishore Pradhan Nature of acidity in lateritic soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
45 Surendra Nath Jena Mechanism of nitrogen response in the high yielding varieties of rice. IV. Nitrogen metabolism in the excised roots. Dr. G. N. Mitra


46 Bibek Bhusan Panigrahi Study on urea aldeyde condensates as slow release nitrogen carrier. Dr. N. Panda
47 Rajendra Prasad Panda Structural stability index of some common cultivated soils. Dr. C.P. Mishra
48 Sachitra Kumar Patra Structural stability index of some common cultivated soils. Dr. B. Behera
49 Madhusudan Malla Nature of acidity and lime requirement of red and lateritic soils of Orissa. Dr. N. Panda
50 Rama Chandra Sahoo Effect of pesticides on carbondioxide evolution, microbial counts and mineralization of farmyard manure in soil. Dr. B. Behera
51 Mir Azam Sultan Mechanism of nitrogen response in the high yielding varieties of rice. V. Nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in rice seeding. Dr. G. N. Mitra
52 Gunanidhi Nayak Genesis and classification of soils of salandi Ayacut area, Orissa Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
53 Baikunthanath Mohapatra Soil water characteristics of some typical soils of Orissa Dr. C.P. Mishra
54 Ashok Kumar Das Protein quality of some rice verities Dr. G. N. Mitra


55 Baishnaba Baral Soil survey and classification of Bisiapada village, Jatni Block, Puri District. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
56 Use of Stromatolitic Limestone as amendment for acid soils. Dr. N. Panda
57 Basanta Kumar Mishra Loss of nitrate nitrogen in a lateritic soil profile during miscible displacement. Dr. C.P. Mishra
58 Arun Kumar Mund Decomposition of organic residues and their effect on physicochemical and microbiological properties of soil. Dr. B. Behera
59 Andavarapu J.S. Patrudu Studies on amino acid biosynthesis in rice roots. Dr. G. N. Mitra


60 Prafulla Kumar Parija Ammonifying and nitrifying activities of microorganisms in the rhizosphere. Dr. B. Behera
61 Durgamadhav Das Effect of management practices on the physical properties of some soils. Dr. C.P. Mishra
62 Hrusikesha Senapati Availability of phosphorus from some phosphate carriers for rice. Dr. N. Panda
63 Surendra Kumar Patel Genesis and classification of saline soils of Keshpur farm. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda


64 Haranarayan Marhual Evaluation of some legume bacterial fertilizers. Dr. B. Behera
65 Niranjan Senapati Effect of induction of protein synthesis on protein content and protein quality of rice. Dr. G. N. Mitra
66 Rasananda Sahu Correlation between soil test values and production rating. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda


67 Dinabandhu Jena Formulating fertilizer recommendation for dry land wheat based on the concept of yield targets. Dr. C.P. Mishra
68 Rajkishore Bastia Relationship between productivity rating of soil and land features in an irrigated tract of Nimapara. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
69 Rushi Gumansingh Evaluation of rock phosphate for paddy in lateritic soil. Dr. N. Panda
70 Sushil Ku. Nanda Effect of continuous application of fertilizers on the populations and activity of soil microflora. Dr. B. Behera
71 Manoranjan Pattnaik Persistence of sumithion and rogor in some soils of Orissa. Dr. D. Sahu


72 Jagannath Mishra Studies on protein content and composition of protein of some Indian Pulses-1 Mung beam. Dr. G. N. Mitra
73 Rabindra Kumar Dash Evaluation of fertilizer requirement for dry land wheat grown at Bhubaneswar. Dr. C.P. Mishra
74 Moulendra Narayan Ray Soil survey, classification and Land use Capability of Agriculture Research Station Semiliguda. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda


75 Kailash Chandra Pradhan Studies on mung bean protein. Dr. G. N. Mitra
76 Satish Ch. Ghadei Studies on transformation of nitrate, chloride and phosphate moving in soil columns. Dr. C.P. Mishra
77 Saroj Kumar Nayak Soil survey and classification of regional research station, Keonjhar. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
78 Umacharan Panigrahi Effects of Azotobacter culture on yield of wheat and potato. Dr. B. Behera
79 Lalatendu Pati Soil potassium and its availability for rice in some soils of Orissa. Dr. D. Sahoo


80 Santosh Kumar Sarangi Studies on the effect of substrate concentration on the denitrifying activity in lateritic soil column. Dr. C.P. Mishra
81 Chandra Prakash Das Studies on the field multiplication of azolla and its rate of mineralization on incubation with soil. Dr. B. Behera
82 Sarat Chandra Bal Studies on the nutritive value of some ragi varieties. Dr. G. N. Mitra


83 Sudhakar Satapathy Nature of acidity and change characteristics of some soil of Orissa. Dr. U.K. Mishra
84 Bidhukalyan Pattnaik Effect of solution flow velocity on the reduction rate of nitrate nitrogen moving in lateritic soil columns. Dr. C.P. Mishra
85 Nilamani Swain Effect of soil foliar application of silica on nutrient uptake and yield of paddy. Dr. D. Sahoo


86 Anirudha Dey Fertilizer phosphorous reaction products and their availability to paddy in a long term fertilizer experiment. Dr. D. Sahoo
87 Pitambar Pradhan Characterization and monitoring of salinity of coastal salt affected soils of Orissa A case study in Mahakalapara Block. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
88 Bijan Kumar Parida Factors affecting biogas production from organic wastes. Dr. G. N. Mitra
89 Sushant Kumar Pattanaik Phosphate transformation in some acid soils of Orissa . Dr. U.K. Mishra


90 Bhimsen Moharana Effect of long term manuring of intensive rice cropping on sulphur status of Inceptisol. Dr. N. Panda
91 Characterization of soils of Ranigit catchment, Sikkim in relation to the land use planning. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
92 Niranjan Sahoo Effect of activators and inhibitors in biogas production fro m organic wastes. Dr. G. N. Mitra


93 Prasann Kumar Das Characterization of some upland red and lateritic soils of Orissa having low active clay. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
94 Sachidananda Pattnaik Mineralogy and incubation studies for management of some low active clay soils of Orissa. Dr. G.C. Sahu
95 Arun Kumar Senapati Effect of fertilizer application on the nutritive value of green gram. Dr. G. N. Mitra
96 Braja Gopal Das Fertilizer value of ammonium polyphosphates as compared to orthophosphates. Dr. U.K. Mishra
97 Kinetics of urea hydrolysis in a medium land lateritic soil. Dr. C.P. Mishra
98 Artatrana Mishra Evaluation of partially acidulated MRP for rice based cropping system. Dr. N. Panda


99 Shashanka Sekhar Dash Characterization of some costal salt affected soils of Orissa. Dr. G.C. Sahu
100 Dileep Kumar Ratho Effect of fertilizer application on the quality of mustard. Dr. G. N. Mitra
101 Laxmidhar Naik Spatial variability of some basic properties of the surface layer of a lateritic forest site. Dr. C.P. Mishra
102 Hemanta Kumar Deo Efficiency of ammonium polyphosphate as compared to diamonium phosphate for rice. Dr. U.K. Mishra
103 Santanu Mohanty Persistence of monocrotophos and quinolphos in rice. Dr. H.K. Senapati
104 Kumbha Karna Rout Studies on relative efficiency urea and U.G.C in wetland lateritic soil. Dr. D. Sahoo
105 Bhaskar Charan Sarangi Chemical changes due to long term fertilizer application in an aeric haplaquept under continuous rice cultivation. Dr. U.K. Mishra


106 Braja Mohan Panda Effect of coastal salinity on the nutrient uptake by the some crop plants. Dr. G. N. Mitra
107 Antaryami Mishra Land suitability classification for a sisal (Agave sisalanaperrine). Dr. G.C. Sahu
108 Ashis Kumar Das Studies on movement of nitrate and chloride ions in soil columns. Dr. C.P. Mishra
109 Ranjan Kumar Patra Effect of climate and soil properties on organic matter accumulation in Orissa soils. Dr. P.K. Das
110 Phosphate fixation and release in some soils of Mizoram. Dr. N. Panda


111 Lagnajeet Das Studies on the morphology and genesis of soils of Bolangir or mines area. Dr. G.C. Sahu
112 Rajesh Das Effect on sulphur and lime application on sulphur nutrition of groundnut. Dr. U.K. Mishra
113 Ajaya Kumar Panda Soil test crop response correlation studies on potassium for rice in Balisahi soil series of Orissa. Dr. M. Panda
114 Sarat Kumar Parida Integrated nutrient management in rice groundnut cropping system. Dr. G. N. Mitra
115 Kasinath Rath Studies on the movement of some reactive and non reactive anions through soil column. Dr. C.P. Mishra
116 Biswajit Sen Long term effects of fertilizers on potassium nutrition of rice in lateritic soil. Dr. D. Sahoo


117 Brajamohan Dash Effect of fertilizers on potassium status of an inceptisol after sixteen years of intensive rice cropping. Dr. D. Sahoo
118 Kishore Chandra Patra Effect of various sources of sulphur on sulphur nutrient of rape seed. Dr. N. Acharya
119 Iswar Chandra Sahoo Iron-potassium interaction in the laterite soil of Bhubaneswar (Aeric-haplaquepts). Dr. G. N. Mitra
120 Nirmalya Bala Morphology, Physico-chemical characterization and classification of soils of middle Andaman. Dr. G.C. Sahu


121 Bhabani Sankar Das Effect of sucrose and nitrate concentration on the reduction of nitrate moving through lateritic soil column. Dr. C.P. Mishra
122 Biswanath Das Available molybdenum status of soils of Orissa. Dr. S.K. Sahu
123 Bijaya Ketan Sahoo Dissolution of rock phosphate in an acid soil and the fertilizer quality of the mixture of rock phosphate and super phosphate as affected by storage temperature and humidity. Dr. U.K. Mishra
124 Chittaranjan Sarangi Effect of application of phosphate and sulphate on the yield and nutrient uptake by Soyabean.


125 Bijay Kumar Swain Long term effect of fertilizers on phosphate absorption and potassium fixation capacity of soil under intensive study. Dr. D. Sahoo
126 Field calibration of a CPN hydroprobe employed to study the hydrological properties of a lateritic soil. Dr. C. Mishra
127 Physico-chemical properties of coastal saline soils of Orissa. Dr. M. Panda
128 Adsorption and degradation of carbofuran in soils of Orissa. Dr. A.K. Pal
129 Persistence of monocrotophos and quinalphos in pointed ground & Brinjal. Dr. H.K. Senapati
130 Zinc uptake of rice (oryza satival) from different sources of zinc containing fertilizers. Dr. G. N. Mitra
131 Characterization and classification of some soils under lateritic & mixed red and black soils of Puri district. Dr. G.C. Sahu
132 Studies on important physical properties of Orissa soil. Dr. N.K. Pradhan
133 Sulphur requirement of some medium duration rice verities. Dr. N. Acharya
134 Composition of Indian rock phosphates and their P-supplying power. Dr. U.K. Mishra
135 A search for identifying physico chemical methods to predict the response of rice to U.G.C under field situations in Orissa. Dr. C. Mishra


136 Dinitrogen fixation in green gram by Rhizobium under verging nutritional levels in soil. Dr. P.K. Das
137 Yield maximization through integrated nutrient management in rice. Dr. G. N. Mitra
138 Study on urea hydrolysis in the root zones of rice, wheat and groundnut. Dr. C. Mishra
139 Long term effect of fertilizers on availability of secondary nutrients in rice-rice system. Dr. D. Sahoo
140 Phosphate rock distribution and availability in an acid soils. Dr. U.K. Mishra
141 Effect of organic inorganic fertilizer and liming on persistence and degradation of phorate in soil. Dr. H.K. Senapati
142 Zinc status of alluvial soils of Orissa in relation to rice growing. Dr. S.K. Sahu


143 Hemanta Kumar Das Fertility status of soils of integrated watershed development project areas with special reference to K release characteristics Dr. N. Acharya
144 Padmanava Sahoo Response of green gram (Vignaradiate) to combined effect of VA-mycorrhiza and hrizobium inoculation in soil. Dr. P.K. Das
145 Pratap Chandra Panigrahi Persistence of phorate in different soils of Orissa. Dr. M.R. Pattanaik
146 Nilakantha Meher Fertility management of soils of some waste lands of Phulbani. Dr. D. Sahu
147 Ajaya Kumar Senapati Long term effect of fertilizers on release pattern of potassium in a lateritic inceptisol under rice-rice system. Dr. D. Sahoo
148 Kalicharan Behera Persistence of some organophosphorous and carbonate insecticide in vegetables of Bhubaneswar and neighboring area. Dr. H.K. Senapati
149 G. Ramaswarrao Subudhi Fate of carboofuran in soil and crop Dr. A.K. Pal
150 Parmod Kumar Mohapatra Available phosphate, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and boron status of some soils of Orissa growing groundnut. Dr. S.K. Sahu
151 Sharada Prassana Kar Dissolution of rock phosphates and their availability in maize- sunflower cropping system. Dr. H.K. Senapati
152 Brahmananda Sahu Transformation kinetics of fertilizers urea under field and laboratory conditions. Dr. D. Jena
153 Laxmidhar Sahoo Morphology, Characterization and Classification of soils of watershed No-5-4-5-2 under IWDP of Jagannath Prasad block in Ganjam district. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
154 Kshitendra Narayan Mishra Characterization and classification of the soils of an irrigated river flood plain. A case study at regional research station, Ranital in Bhadrak district of Orissa. Dr. G.C. Sahoo
155 Magiram Sahoo Morphology, Characterization and classification of soils in integrated watershed development project (IWDP) Area Dhobakia Nala mini watershed (ORM-3-16-7-3), G. Udayagiri in Phulbani district. Dr. G.C. Sahoo


156 Gobinda Charan Sahoo Studies on efficiency of urea based N-fertilizers in relation to their modes of application to rice. Dr. D. Jena
157 Sudhansu Sekhar Panda Response of rice to different sources of zinc fertilizers on the black soils of RRS, Bhawanipatna. Dr. M. Panda
158 Rabinarayan Sahoo Efficiency of rock phosphates as affected by phosphate solubilising micro organisms. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
159 Sashibhusan Pani Soil site characteristics and land use management in national watershed development programme for rainfed areas (NWDPRA)-A case study for Malipada paikarapur watershed N-ORCH 1-3-2-3-6. Dr. S.S.K. Nanda
160 Anil Kumar Sethyi Effect of P-sources and dual inoculation of VA-mycorrhiza and Rhizobium on green gram (Vigna radiatal) grown in acid lateritic soil. Dr. P.K. Das
161 Bhagaban Kabat Available B and MO status of soils of east and south eastern coastal plain agroclimatic zone of Orissa growing groundnut. Dr. S.K. Sahu
162 Manoj Kumar Nayak Preliminary survey of fluoride pollution around NALCO smelter plant, Angul and effect of amendment on the uptake pattern of fluoride by fodder oat (Avena Sativa). Dr. N. Acharya
163 Sitaram Mishra Transport and transformation of urea super granule as affected by its time of placement in rice soil. Dr. B.K. Mishra
164 Rojalin Tripathy Effect of nitrogen and phosphate on the green gram yield, quality and uptake of nutrients by grain amarnathus (A. hypochordarin cus L). Dr. N. Acharya
165 Pramod Kumar Sahoo Distribution of different forms of K and its release pattern in rice growing soils of Athagarh. Dr. M.R. Pattanaik
166 Prasnna Kumar Samant Persistence of chloropyriphos and quinalphos in pulses. Dr. H.K. Senapati
167 Suresh Chandra Nayak Effect of N and K interaction an yield and some quality parameters of rice Dr. Dwijabar Sahoo
168 Birendranath Mishra Effect of azolla on P-availability from rock phosphate to rice. Dr. S.K.Pattnaik
169 B.N. Chhualsingh Soil characterization and classification of patomaapla micro-watershed (ORR-6-7-1-211) in Sorada block of Ganjam district. Dr. G.C. Sahoo
170 Nalinikantha Dash Effect of watershed management treatments on physico-chemical properties of soils of Khajuripada (Phulbani) watershed. Dr. D. Sahu
171 Kulamani Dash Effect of sources and levels of P with and without phosphate solubilising bacteria on rice. Gr. B.K. Pany
172 Prabhat Ranjan Das Studies on the status of micronutrient & different fractions of zinc in rice growing soils of Athagarh. Dr. A.K. Pal


173 Narayan Das Soil morphology, genesis, classification & K release characteristics of integrated watershed development project area (ORM-3-8,-5-1) in Kandhamal district. Dr. G. C. Sahu
174 Ujwalkanta Senapati Solubilisation of rock phosphate by phosphate solublising microorganisms. Dr. M. Panda
175 Sushanta Kumar Mallick Pesticide residues in pulses. Dr. M.R. Pattnaik
176 Pramod Kumar Sahoo Phosphate sorption as influence by added urea in an acid soil under limed and unlimed conditions. Dr. U.K. Mishra
177 Arun Kumar Das Study on methods of application or U.G.C in rice soil. Dr. B. K. Mishra
178 Manoj Kumar Jena Response of turmeric (Curuma longa L.) to microbial inoculants in soil. Dr. P.K. Das
179 SK. Md Iftakhar Alam. Residues of pesticides in oilseed crops. Dr. H.K. Senapati
180 Prakash Kumar Mahana Available micronutrient status of soils of Orissa growing groundnut. Dr. S.K. Sahu
181 Manoj Kumar Nanda A survey of sulphur concentration in plants and availability in soils some selected districts of Orissa. Dr. U.K. Mishra
182 Jyostnarani Das Effect of graded doses of sulphur on the yield and nutrient by six medium duration rice varieties. Dr. N. Acharya
183 Rabindra Kumar Patra Effect of vegetative barriers and tree planting methods on physico-chemical properties of soils of Phulabani. Dr. D. Sahu
184 Dhuli Charan Moharana Characterization and classification of soils of North-eastern ghat zone of Orissa. A case study of regional research station G. Udayagiri. Dr. G.C. Sahu


185 Rajesh Das Studies on sorption behavior of sulphur in some major soil groups of Orissa. Dr. S.K. Sahu
186 Raghabananda Nayak Effect of puddling on leaching of major plant nutrition’s in rice soil. Dr. B. K. Mishra
187 Evaluation of rock phosphates compacted with monoammonium phosphate in rice. Dr. D. Sahu
188 Decontamination of carbofuran from soil by the application of organic matter and biomass. Dr. H.K. Senapati
189 Raghaba Mallik Characterization and classification of coastal salt affected soils north-east of Chilika lake Dr. G.C. Sahu


190 Anima Biswal Spatial variability of some physical properties following tillage of a Haplaquept. Dr. B. K. Mishra
191 Laxman Kumar Jena Evaluation of rock phosphate compacted with monoammonium phosphate in Rice groundnut cropping sequence. Dr. D.K. Sahu
192 Sarat Chandra Moharana Delineation of available secondary and micronutrient status of soils growing sugarcane in Aska area Dr. S.K. Sahu
193 Manashi Mandhata Study on availability of p& K under graded does of fertilizer for rice-pulse cropping system. Dr. N. K .Pradhan
194 Debases Sarangi Vermicompost from farm waste (straw) and its effect on green gram in lateritic soil. Dr. P.K. Das
195 Bibhutibhusan Behera Decontamination of pesticides from soil by different physical methods Dr. H.K. Senapati
196 Bijaya Kumar Panigrahi Monitoring of organochlorin pesticide residues & their metabolities in total diet. Dr. M.R. Pattnaik
197 Bansidhar Parida Monitoring of organochlorine pesticide residues & its metabolite in water. Dr. A.K. Pal
198 Diptimayee Dash Effect of seed treatments with molybdenum & cobalt in greengram on biological N2 fixation and N2 economy in green gram maize cropping sequence. Dr. S.K. Pattnaik
199 Niranjan Das Ploynamics in soil & availability to plant as influenced byorganic amendment. Dr. U.K. Mishra


200 Rabindra Kumar Nayak Characterization survey and classification of soils of central Research station, OUAT, Bhubaneswar. Dr. G.C. Sahoo


201 Ramakanta Parida Survey and characterization of RRTTS, Bhawanipatna in the western undulating Agro-climatic zone of Orissa. Dr. G.C. Sahu
202 Satya Sanjeev Patra Effect of carbofuran on nitrogen status of soils. Dr. P.K. Das
203 Rupak Kumar Mohanty Response of okra to Azotobacter and Azospirillium inoculants grown in Acid soil Amended with lime and FYM. Dr. S.K. Pattnaik
204 Ms. Kajal Mishra Pesticide residues in milk, milk product and daily diet. Dr. M.R. Pattnaik
205 Ms. Badhulika Mohanty Bio chemical characterization of seed protein profile in black gram. Dr. A.K. Pal
206 Ms. Lata Mallik Assessment of leaching requirement for salt affected soils in Orissa. Dr. B. K. Mishra
207 Ms. Munmun Behera Effect of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on nitrogen availability to rice in an inceptisol of Bhubaneswar. Dr. K. K. Rout
208 Ms. Bandita Jena Study on availability of phosphorus and potassium under graded does of fertilizer for rice-rice cropping system. Dr. N.K. Pradhan
209 Ms. Madhusmita Kar Studies on sorption behavior of boron of Orissa. Dr. S.K.Sahu


210 Sri P.K. Majhi Effect of fertilizer and manures on nitrogen supplying capacity of an Inceptisol under continuous Rice-rice cropping. Dr. Dwijabar Sahoo
211 Sri S. K. Mukhi Soil sulphur status and sulphur response of paddy groundnut cropping system in Niali Block. Dr. U.K. Mishra
212 Sri A.P. Mohanty Secondary and micronutrient status of soil under Rice-groundnut cropping system of Govindpur gram panchayat, a case study (Pipili block). Dr. Dibakar Sahu
213 Sri D. P. Rout Decomposition of organic waste (coirpith) using vermiculture and Bio-inoculants. Dr. P.K.Das


214 Sri Satyajit Sarkar Integrated effect of green-manure and biofertilizers on soil productivity under rice-pea cropping system. Dr. G.H. Santra
215 Ms. P. Asha Effect of liming on leaching requirement of salt affected soils. Dr. B. K. Mishra
216 Ms. Monika Mishra Response of crops to graded doses of lime amended with or without FYM Dr. S.K. Pattanaik
217 Ms. Sasmita Devi Effect of long term manuring on soil quality of vertic Haplaquepty under rainfed rice production system Dr. K. K. Rout
218 Ms.Swayamprava Parida Relative efficiency of chemical fertilizers, bio fertilizers, organic manures and lime on yield & Biochemical characterization of turmeric (Curcumalonga) in Kandhamal soils of Orissa Dr. S.N. Mishra


219 Sri Satyajit Sarkar Integrated effect of green-manure and biofertilizers on soil productivity under rice-pea cropping system Dr. G.H. Santra
220 Miss P.Asha Effect of liming on leaching requirement of salt affected soils Dr. B. K. Mishra
221 Miss Monika Mishra Response of crops to graded doses of lime amended with or without FYM Dr. S.K. Pattanaik
222 Miss Sasmita Devi Effect of long term manuring on soil quality of vertic Haplaquepts under rainfed rice production system Dr. K. K. Rout
223 Ms.SwayamPrava Parida Relative efficiency of chemical fertilizers, bio fertilizers, organic manures and lime on yield & Biochemical characterization of turmeric (Curcumalonga) in Kandhamal soils of Orissa. Dr. S.N. Mishra


224 Mr. Y. Vittal Kishore Dissipation and decontamination of Endosuttan and chloropyriphos in chillies. Dr. M.R. Pattnaik
225 Mr. Rambabu Yerra Characteristics of Bhubaneswar Sewage and sludge and their plants nutrients with special reference to Heavy metals. Dr. D. Jena


226 Mr. Dellip Kumar Behera Effect of lime and Farm yard manure on phosphorous adsorption characteristics in Inceptisol Dr. H.K. Senapati
227 Mr. Surendranath swain Relative efficiency of lower doses of a paper mill sludge applied to an acid soil on nutrient availability and crop growth in an Arhar + groundnut inter cropping system. Dr. K. K. Rout
228 Miss Arunima Gogoi Soil test based fertilizer recommendation for targeted yield of pumpkin (cucurbita moschata) under Rice-pumpkin cropping system. Dr. A. Mishra
229 Mr. Khageswar Sahoo Integrated nutrient management in rice-rice cropping system with and without (VAM) mycorrhizal inoculation in acid soil, (Alfisols) of Orissa. Dr. S.N. Mishra
230 Mr. Tusarkanti Samal Associative effect of nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilising micro organisms on growth and yield of Chilli-radish cropping system. Dr. B. K. Pany


231 Santosh Kumar Jena Judicious use of Potassium to optimize yield of Rice-Groundnut and Rice-Greengram cropping system in Alluvial and laterite soils of Orissa. (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. D. Jena


232 Rasmi Choudhury Preparation of Digital soil fertility Map of Khurda District of Odisha (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. B. B. Dash
233 Babajee Charan Sethy Effect of Split Application of Lime (Paper mill sludge) on yield of Groundnut crop in Acid Soil (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. B. K. Mishra
234 Pramod Kumar Das Influence of integrated nutrient management on yield and quality of green gram grown in ragi-berseem greengram cropping sequence in an acid soil (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. R. K. Patra
235 Bhagini Nabanita Impacts of maize based conservation Agriculture. Production system in soil properties in North Central plateau zone of Odisha (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. R.K. Nayak
236 Sunita Mishra Effects of various level of liming in potassium dynamics in an acid soil water groundnut-groundnut cropping sequence (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. K. K. Rout
237 Rakesh Kumar Pandey Evaluation of stromatolyte as an acid soil ameliorant (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. S.K.Pattanaik
238 Rajlaxmi Mohanty Preparation of GPS based soil fertility maps and identification of soil related production constraints for Angul District, Odisha (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. A.Mishra
239 Prasant Kumar Pattnaik Soil enzyme activity and nutrient availability as influenced by long term manuring of a rice-rice cropping system in an acetic soil (Inceptisols) of Bhubaneswar (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. M.R.Pattnaik
240 P. Suresh Kumar Effect of Zinc and Boron in enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency and yield of rice grown in Inceptisols (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. A. K. Pal
241 Sunanda Sahoo Evaluating the efficiency of LD Slag as a liming material for groundnut based cropping system in Alfisols (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. S. Mohanty
242 Madhusmita Sahu Comparative performance of different sources of nutrients for the system of rice intensification (SRI) in coastal soils of Puri District (M.Sc. Thesis). Dr. G. H. Santra


243 Prachi Parichita Relative effect of different long term manurial treatments in concentration of Ammonium (NH4+) and Potassium (K+) in flood water under Rabi rice. Dr. K. K. Rout
244 Arunava Samanta Evaluation of lime requirement by Ca(OH)2 and CaCl2-Ca(OH)2 equilibration methods in some acid soils of Odisha. Dr. P. K. Das
245 Tilottama Mahakud Studies on long term effect of Fly ash on yield and iron accumulation by Rice in iron toxic Alfisols. Dr. S. K. Nanda
246 Ayesha Mohanty Assessment of maize based concentration agriculture production system (CAPS) in soil health in the hilly terrains under North Central Plateau zinc of Odisha. Dr. K. N. Mishra
247 Hemanta Kumar Singh Combined effect of micro and secondary nutrients on yield and nutrient use efficiency in rice-rice cropping system. Dr. K.C. Pradhan
248 Sunita R. Integrated effect of fly ash lime and organic matter on yield and heavy metal accumulation by maize and cabbage in Alfisols. Dr. D.Jena
249 Chinmaya Mishra Studies in direct and residual effect of boron on rice-tomato cropping system in inceptisols. Dr. A.K.Pal


250 Rahul Dev Behera Comparative performance of different liming materials for Maize crop grown in acid soil Dr. G.H.Santra
251 NLV Sivakumar Effect of Phosphogypsum and paper mill sludge on Ground nut in a Rice- Groundnut cropping system of acid soil Dr. B.B.Dash
252 Sipra Das Effect of Long term manuring on carbon stock and some related properties of soil under Rice-Rice cropping system in a Inceptisols Dr. R.K.Nayak
253 Bidyashree Tripathy Soil attributes as influenced by Maize based conservation agriculture production system(Caps) in a Fluventic Haplustepts under North Central zone of Odisha Dr. K.N.Mishra
254 Shym Murmu Isolation of native Phosphorous solubilizing bacteria(PSB) from Alfisols & exploitation of potent strain as biofetilizer Dr. S. Mohanty

List of Ph.D Theses :



Name of the Student

Thesis title




Prafulla Kumar Das

Soil test crop response correlation studies for nitrogen

Dr. N. Panda



Nandakishore Pradhan

Liming acid soils under dry land cotton

Dr. C.P. Mishra



Gandharba Charan Sahu

Clay characterization in relation to pedogenesis and broad soil groups of Orissa

Dr. N. Panda



Debiprasad Mishra

Morphological studies and classification of soils of Hirakud command area.

Dr.S.S.K. Nanda



Dinabandhu Jena

Soil, water and fertilizer movement studies relative to intercropping systems using radiation & isotope techniques.

Dr. C.P. Mishra



H.K. Senapati

Microbial activity and nitrogen transformation in low land rice soil

Dr. B. Behera



Giridhari Moharana

Fertility capability classification in relation to taxonomy of some wet land rice soils of Orissa

Dr.S.S.K. Nanda



Dwijabar Sahoo

Studies on exchange complex management of lateritic soil (Alfisol) for growing cotton (G.hirsutum)

Dr. N. Panda



Subodh Kumar Sahu

Effect of sub-optimal & toxic concentration of micronutrients on the uptake of some major & micro nutrients by rice (oryza sativol)

Dr. G. N. Mitra



Manoranjan Pattnaik

Persistence of phorate and carbofuran in soil in rice leaf and ongrain yields of rice.

Dr. G. N. Mitra



Umacharan Panigrahi

Isolation, characterization and nitrogen fixation of Azospirillium and its effect on cereals

Dr. B. Behera



Bijaya Kumar Pani

Effects of sub optimal and toxic concentrations of micronutrients on growth and nitrogen fixation by blue green algae

Dr. G. N. Mitra



Md. M. Taha

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on evapotranspiration of sunflower

Dr. N. Acharya



H. Saithantluanga

Characterizations of acid soils of Mizoram

Dr. U.K.Mishra



Asish Kumar Dash

Transport and Transformation of Urea Nitrogen in Soil

Dr. B.K.Mishra



Prasanna Kumar Dash

Sulphate Sorption and Desorption Behaviour in some Alfisol of Orissa

Dr. N. Acharya



Bibhuti Bhusan Dash

Status of sulphur in Groundnut growing red, lateritic soils of Orissa and its integrated management in groundnut sesame and groundnut finger millet system.

Dr. S.K. Sahu



Kailash Chandra Pradhan

Studies on Integrated use of fly ash on Rice (Oryza-system)- Groundnut (Arachis hypogea) cropping system in acid soil.

Dr. S.K. Sahu



Antaryami Mishra

Characterization, Fertility status and taxonomic classification of some soils of west central table land Agroclimatic zone of Orissa.

Dr. G.C. Sahu



Kshitendra Narayan Mishra

Soil resource mapping of Kachinala micro watershed under the coastal plains of Mahanadi Delta of Orissa for land use planning.

Dr. D.Jena



Pradosh Kumar Panda

Integrated effect of Bio-inoculant and chemical fertilization on yield, Nutrient uptake and Quality of the produce of Potato-Okra-Rice cropping system.

Dr. S.K.Pattanayak