Department of Fruit Science & Horticulture Technology

Faculty :

1. Dr. Dilip Kumar Das : Prof. & Head
2. Dr. Satya Narayan Dash : Assoc. Professor
3. Dr. Sarat Ch. Sahoo : Assoc. Professor(AICRP on Palm)
4. Mrs. Kabita Sethy : Asst. Professor(AICRP on Cashew)

The department of fruit science was created in the year April 2009 with staffing pattern of one professor, one Associate Professor and one Asst. Professor. The department is operating in portion of old horticulture department. At present the department is imparting teaching both in UG, PG and PhD. The department is managing the Horticulture research station covering an area of 58 acres. In the Horticulture research station AICRP on vegetable, medicinal and aromatic plants, tropical fruits, honeybee is operating. For students practical purpose the research station is being utilised at present post graduate research work also conducted in the research station .Three students passed M.Sc.Ag. during 2011. Three PhD students are working in the HRS.

Achievements of the Dept :

Development of nurseries and multiplication of quality planting material. Establishment of mother plant nursery for pedigree materials.

Running Research& Projects : NHB funded mother plant nursery.