Department of Plant Pathology

Faculty :

Dr. Kartik Chandra Sahu

Professor & Head

Dr.(Mrs.) Nibedita Nayak 

: Professor

Dr. Surya Kanta Beura

: Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Mihir Kumar Mishra

: Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Shyama Sundar Mahapatra

: Assoc. Prof

Dr.(Mrs.) Gayatri Biswal

: Assoc. Prof.

Dr. K. B. Mohapatra 

: Assoc. Prof.

Achievements of the Department :

The Dept. of Plant Pathology was established in 1954 and offering various courses of plant pathology to the UG/ PG/ Ph.D. students of the College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar. The Dept. undertakes research programmes by the students and faculties through various research projects/programmes. Identification of new diseases and study on etiology and development of different strategies for management of crop diseases of economic importance are some of the research priorities. Different plant disease samples submitted by farmers/students/NGOs/Govt./University scientists are properly examined through plant disease clinic operating in the department. The teachers also impart training to the farmers of the state through interaction/trainings or through mass media and publication of extension bulletins / articles. Besides, they also impart training to the line Dept. officers and all field functionaries on the latest techniques of plant disease management. The Dept. has developed a crop disease museum for the greater interest of students and field / farmers of the state. The dept. has well equipped laboratories and model class rooms for the PG/ Ph.D. students. Disease management advisory is also issued weekly to the farmers and field functionaries of all the 314 blocks of the state on various crop diseases through e-Pest Surveillance programme. In depth research has been carried out on the tropical mushrooms cultivation techniques. More than 9500 farmers of the state have been imparted training on mushroom cultivation, preservation, processing and more than 700 farmers were trained on spawn production. Standardization of button mushroom production using paddy straw substrate was successfully done. New Computer Laboratory was developed in the Department with necessary equipment for Software Development in order to diagnosis and management of plant diseases. Experiential Learning programme for final year B.SC (Ag) students is going on in the department where students are acquainted with mushroom cultivation / spawn production/ Biological control/ Integrated Disease management / Post harvest disease management. 

Running Research Projects :

a) Centre of Tropical Mushroom Research and Training
b) All India Coordinated Research Project on Mushroom
c) e-Pest Surveillance Project
d) Funded project on “Evaluation of Bioefficacy of UPS 111 against major   diseases   of groundnut”
e) Funded project on “Evaluation of Bioefficacy and phyto toxicity of mancozeb 75% WG against diseases of chilli”.
f) Funded project on “Evaluation of Bioefficacy of UPF-409 against major diseases of paddy”.
g) Funded project on “Bioefficacy of Phasal Rakshak ( Pseudomonas spp.) against sheath blight of paddy”.