Department of Seed Science & Technology

Faculty  : 

1. Dr. Santanu Kumar Swain : Professor & Head
2. Dr. Kumuda Chandra Muduli : Associate Professor
3. Dr. Abhaya Kumar Kar : Associate Professor & Seed Pathologist

The Department of Seed Science & Technology (Formerly Seed Technology) was created in the year 1982 to offer teaching of Seed Technology at the under-graduate level. Subsequently post-graduate and Ph.D courses were offered since 2002 and 2009, respectively. Besides imparting teaching the subject, the Department is also involved in the research and extension activities keeping in view the problems of the farmers. The Department has a number of well trained faculties and research laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipments. Presently, All India co-ordinated Research project on Seed Technology Research (NSP) and a RKVY research project is operating under the department.

Achievements of the Department :
  • Man power development in Quality Seed Production, storage of various seeds.
  • Research in various aspects of Seed Science & Tech.
  • Educating the farmers on Quality Seed Production, and storage.

Running Research & Project :

  • Evaluation of hybrids and varieties of various crops.
  • RKVY project on storage of various crop seeds under coastal echo system.