Plant Breeding & Genetics

The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics started to operate as department of Agricultural Botany in 1954 with Post graduate programme in 1961. Since then this department is engaged in teaching and research in the field of Genetics, Cytogenetic, Plant Breeding and Plant Physiology. Subsequently, in the year 1972, the department of Plant Physiology was separated out of this department and was re-designated as Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics. This department started to offer Ph. D. programme in 1982. The department is offering courses of 21 credit hours at U.G., 55 credit hours at P.G. and 75 credit hours at Ph.D. levels. It has so far produced 227 Post graduate and 32 Ph. D. holders. 

Besides teaching, this department has gained credit for development and release of different crop varieties. The founder members of the department were Dr. G.V. Chalam and Dr. P.D. Dixit who had contributed substantially to crop improvement, particularly in rice, the premier crop of Odisha state. Dr. Dixit has the credit of improving upon a number of local land races through pure line selection.



Dr. Bhabendra Baisakh
Professor and Head
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D.
Conventional & Molecular breeding of Black gram & Green gram
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Phone :+91 9437195452


Dr. Kedareswar Pradhan
M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.D.
Conventional breeding of Groundnut, blackgram and Pigeonpea
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Phone :+91 9437560075


Dr. Banshidhar Pradhanh
M.Sc. (Ag.),Ph.D
Conventional breeding of Groundnut, Linseed and Rapeseed and Mustard
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Phone :+91 9437278206


Dr. Tapash Kumar Mishra
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D.
Conventional & Molecular breeding of Green gram, Rice & Maize
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Phone :+91 943754693


Dr. Debendra Nath Bastia
Associate Professor
M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.D.
Conventional Breeding of Rice
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Dr. Devraj Lenka
Assistant Professor (SG)
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D.
Conventional and molecular breeding of Maize, Greengram , Blackgram and Linseed
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Phone :+91 9437232175


Dr. Simanchal Sahua
M.Sc. (Ag). Ph.D
Breeding of Rice and finger millet
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Dr.(Mrs.) Jayashree Kar
Assistant Professor
M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D.
Conventional Breeding of Green gram, Groundnut and Forest Trees
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Phone :+91 7377495138




Dr. Satya Ranjan Das,
Honorary Professor
M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.D.
Conventional Rice breeding
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  • Offering   courses on Genetics, Cytogenetics , Plant Breeding including molecular aspects in M.Sc. (Ag) and Ph.D.
  •  Actively involved in courses on Plant Breeding and Genetics in graduate programme (B.Sc. Ag) of the college.


A.    Actively involved in developing varieties of cereals, oilseeds, pulses with conventional and molecular breeding approaches. Breeding for high yielding rice varieties in Odisha was initiated in the mid 1960s by Professor H. K. Mohanty and associates and the efforts during last 60 years led to release of as many as 63 rice varieties for commercial cultivation in Odisha.

                   In the current breeding programme special emphasis has been given to develop rice varieties possessing

  • ·         Adaptability to low lands particularly semi-deep water situation.
  • ·         Tolerance to flood, water logging and salinity.
  • ·         Tolerance to drought in uplands and early seedling drought in rain fed low land where the crop is direct seeded.
  • ·         Genetic yield enhancement in short grain indigenous aromatic rice for export and economic development of rural poor.

B.    Achievements in non-rice crops:-64 varieties have been developed and adopted by farming community. Two varieties of wheat, six in finger millet, four in little millet, three in greengram, five in blackgram, one in horse gram, one in Pigeon pea, six in groundnut, ten in sesamum, two in niger, three in toria, four in sugarcane, five in jute, one in mesta, one in grain amaranthus, three in ginger, four in turmeric, one in mango ginger and one in tobacco were released for cultivation in the state.


   c. This department has done pioneering work in the field of induction of mutations using Gamma- rays and large array of chemical                                         mutagens like EMS, MMS, NG, SA and MH.