Biotechnology-cum-Tissue Culture Centre


The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation (seed division), Government of India has sanctioned a project under use of “Biotechnology in Agriculture” a component of the central sector scheme for‘Development and Strengthening of Infrastructural Facilities for Production and Distribution of Quality Planting Materials’.The project was sanction during the year 2006-07 and GOI released Rs 347 lakhs for infrastructure development. Thus Biotechnology-cum-Tissue Culture Centre has been established and inaugurated on 5th January 2009, by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sj.NaveenPattnaik to facilitate production of true – to type disease free quality planting material of different crops, to cater to the need of the farmers of Odisha. The centre is functioning as a special unit, College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar.


Dr. (Mrs.) Sashikala Beura :
Dr. Siddharth Kumar Palai
Floriculturist, AICRP on Floriculture

Dr. Manas Ranjan Nath
Asst. Floriculturist, AICRP on Floriculture


  • To promote production of high yielding disease free quality planting materials of banana, sugarcane,
    gerbera, orchid,anthurium, carnation and indoor plants through tissue culture techniques.

  • To undertake research work for development of protocol and genetic upgradation of plants.

  • To supply quality, disease free nursery stocks of tissue cultured plantlets to the farmers of the state of Odisha.

  • To estimate the genetic diversity present among different crops through molecular markers such as DNA finger printing.

  • To impart training to the students, researchers entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and farmers on production of quality planting materials.

    Biotechnology- cum- Tissue Culture Centre has three units such as

  • Tissue culture unit

  • DNA fingerprinting unit

  • Plant pathology unit



Protocol Room, Media Preparation Room, Inoculation Room, Culture Room, Washing Room, Green house &Mother plant Block.

Inoculation Room Green House
Media Preparation Room Sterilization Room

Culture Room Mother Plant Block



  1. The BTC centre has developed its own viable in vitro protocol for large scale plantlet production banana (G-9 and Champa), Plantain (Bantal), Sugarcane (86V96, Sabita&Co7805), Gerbera (Shimmer) and 2 species of orchids.

  2. Molecular characterization of different cultivars of mango, banana and guava has been done in the DNA finger printing lab.

  3. Nine number of unique in vitro protocols of banana (cv. G-9 and Champa), Plantain(GajaBantal), sugarcane (cv. 86V96, Sabita, Co7805), Gerbera ( Shimmer), and Orchid (Cymbidium BicolorandPapilionanthesteres) have been applied to the IPR cell for patenting.

  4. Nearly 8.7 lakhs tissue cultured plantlets of banana, sugarcane and gerbera have been produced and an amount of Rs. 1,22,80,568/- has been deposited as sale proceed, in the University.

  5. Experiential learning classes of the B.Sc.(Ag.) students and thesis research work of PG/Ph.D. students of OUAT are conducted at BTC Centre.

  6. Besides OUAT students, 101 students of Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Tech. and B.Tech. (Biotechnology) of different university of Odisha (Utkal University, Berhampur University, Sambalpur University & B.P.U.T.) and even Outside Odisha (Amity University, New Delhi, SRM, MGR, Bharat University, Chennai, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam and Allahabad Agri. University, Allahabad) have done their theses research and project work at BTC centre.

  7. Trainings on tissue culture techniques are imparted to the students of School of Horticulture, Khordha other college students, NGO Personnels of the state as well as outside the state on their visit to this centre.


Experimental learning Programme Green house view of Banana
Field view of Liium Anthurium in Green house

Agril. Officers & VAW from Tripura Agril. Officers from Philippines
Field view of Lilium cv. Tresser Field view of Lilium cv. Fangio
Banana plantlets Ready for marketing Director, BTC Centre receiving Best Scientist
Gerbera in Green house at BTCC Banana bunch of mother block at BTCC
Sugarcane Ready for marketing Tissue culture Plantlets of BTCC on Agriculture Exhibition
Tissue cultured in Bottle

Distinguished Visitors:

Visit of Dr. P.S. Maunsi, Ex-Dean, C.A., Santinikatan on 13th April 2015 at BTCC Visit of Agril. Offs of IRRI, Philippines to BTCC on 25th June 2015
Visit of Dr. K. Nirmal Babu, P. C., AICRP on Spices, Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut to BTCC on 29th July 2015. Dr. K.P. Singh, Director, Directorate of Floricultural Research, Pune on 28th July
Visit of Dr. U.S. Singh & Team, IRRI on 2nd Jan. 2016 at BTCC.
Visit of Hon’ble Minister Agriculture, Fisheries & ARD, Hon’ble Ex- Vice Chancellor, Principal Secretary, Agriculture, Director, Agriculture, Director, Horticulture, Dean of Research,Dean C.A. to BTC Centre on 07.01.2016
Visit of Principal Secretary, Agriculture, Director, Agriculture, Director, Horticulture, Ex-Vice chancellor Dean of Research, Dean C.A. to BTC Centre on 07.01.2016 Visit of Dr. Gorolal Diwakal, AC , (seeds) DAC & FW, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi on 14th Jan. 2016 at BTCC
Visit of Dr. Gorolal Diwakal, AC , (seeds) DAC & FW, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi to BTCC on 14th Jan. 2016
Visit of Peer Review Accreditation Teamto BTCC on 7th Sept. 2015.
Visit of Dr. P.S. Pandey, ADG Education for ELP Class to BTCC on 28th March 2016.