Varieties produced / Germplasm

In between, 58 years have elapsed and the task and mission are not over yet. About 70% of the population of Odisha depends on agriculture and bulk of the agrarian community still remains below the poverty line. Odisha has rich endowments in soils and climate and, an array of crops can be successfully grown here .It is the secondary course of origin of rice and has a bountiful of bio-diversity. At the same time, the vagaries of nature mare Agriculture in Odisha more often than not and weaken the economic backbone of the state. The demographic pressure is exponentially increasing and crop production is declining in a diminishing manner. Food and nutrition security and ecological and social inequitability are looming large to subvert the system of civilization. In this content, new paradigm in teaching and research fronts are to be innovated and invented. At this point of time, the College of Agriculture has a point of prove.

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